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Welcome to DutchiesOutbreak.nl

We are a group of friends that started a server because our old server has been splitted. The most of us are playing Call of Duty for a long time but we got some new members that are still young to the game. Most of the time we play in the evening after school or work. We play Call of Duty United Offensive and Call of Duty 4, so if your in the mood to play with us, feel free to join one of our servers!

Have fun on our site,

DutchiesOutbreak team

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  • Back online!

    By Dutchadmin / 2014-03-09 20:10:57
    After a few weeks downtime due to transferring the site to a new host, i can safely say: We are back online! As you have noticed we are not that active anymore, this is caused by limited free
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  • New Minecraft server

    By Dutchadmin / 2013-02-27 19:20:30
    We now have an private Minecraft server for our clan-members and friends. It is only online in the evening usually because at this moment it runs on the pc of HeadHunterz, this is because we can't run the
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  • Photos lan-party 2013

    By Dutchadmin / 2013-02-27 19:07:02
    Finaly the photos of our lan-party at SharPx house are online, you can view them by clicking the link below.   Show photos >>
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  • New server ip

    By Dutchadmin / 2012-11-11 21:19:37
    Our server was moved a little while ago, here are the changes! our IP changed to: The ports are different for each server: 28962 (HCTDM), 28964 (Promod Sniper only), 28966 (this was our second SND promod server
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  • New server

    By Dutchadmin / 2012-11-09 09:06:10
    We DutchiesOutbreak have bought a new server. This new server is faster, quieter and more energy efficient then the old server. The server has an MSI motherboard with an AMD E-350 processorSpecification: Processor: AMD Fusion E-350 ( Dual-Core ) 1,6
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