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Custom map list COD4

Custom Map list

Custom map list COD4

Postby Dutchadmin » 24 April, 2012, 4:48

[center] :arrow: Submit your own at: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/custom :!: [/center]


Mapname: Dawnville
Usename: mp_ammo_dawnville
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_ammo_dawnville.zip
Info: Original from CODUO


Mapname: Arnhem
Usename: mp_arnhem
Size: Medium/Large
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_arnhem.zip
Info: Original from CODUO


Mapname: Backlot 2
Usename: mp_backlot_2
Size: Large
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_backlot_2.zip
Info: Glitch map


Mapname: Boxfight
Usename: mp_boxfight
Size: Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_boxfight.zip
Info: For fun


Mapname: Carentan
Usename: mp_carentan
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_carentan.zip
Info: A Perfect Conversion of Carentan from vCoD to CoD4. Built to a perfect 1:1 scale.


Mapname: Chateau
Usename: mp_chateau
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_chateau.zip
Info: This is a very nice remake of the popular CoD1 map.


Mapname: Construction 2
Usename: mp_construction2
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_construction2.zip
Info: recreation from scratch of mp_Stalingrad
map from IW's COD1


Mapname: Docks
Usename: mp_docks
Size: Medium (10+)
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_docks.zip
Info: Nice map for close and normal combat


Mapname: Dust 2 classic
Usename: mp_dust2_classic
Size: Medium/Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_dust2_classic.zip
Info: From Counter Strike


Mapname: Fubar
Usename: mp_fubar
Size: Medium/large
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_fubar.zip
Info: FUBAR is a combination of three maps, 2 created in Vietcong by {AiM*|MelVin.
The official map stream, Vietcong and the very first AiM map AiMFubar.
Elements have been taken from each to create what we believe to be a very good Jungle map.


Mapname: Geometric
Usename: mp_geometric
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_geometric.zip
Info: Fun


Mapname: Graveyard
Usename: mp_graveyard
Size: Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_graveyard.zip
Info: ..


Mapname: Highrise
Usename: mp_highrise
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_highrise.zip
Info: Original from CODMW2


Mapname: Kamakura
Usename: mp_kamakura
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_kamakura.zip
Info: New oil and gas processing facilities are coming on line in Sakhalin on the Russian eastern seaboard. With an eye toward lucrative markets in the Far East, the new facilities promise to disrupt traditional supply relationships in the region.


Mapname: KSfact
Usename: mp_ksfact
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_ksfact.zip
Info: ..


Mapname: Listening post
Usename: mp_lpost
Size: Small (max 16 players)
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_lpost.zip
Info: ..


Mapname: Nuketown
Usename: mp_nuketown
Size: Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_nuketown.zip
Info: Original from Black ops


Mapname: Oldschool
Usename: mp_oldschool
Size: Small/Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_oldschool.zip
Info: i add _teams.gsc to map iwd file to make Russian vs Sas.This is old school map.
I got inspiration from my high school building look.


Mapname: Paintwar
Usename: mp_paintwar
Size: Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_paintwar.zip
Info: This small map is a replica of a paintball site near the author Jugement Dernier hometown. Located inside, there is no arial attack or helicopter. JD has also clipped from projectiles the walls of the cabins. If you want to shoot someone through a wall, does not work. You will have to go and get your man !.
The idea is to recreate a gameplay that will force a player to get after his enemy in order to score.!


Mapname: Pic
Usename: mp_pic
Size: Medium/Large
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_pic.zip
Info: In the iwd. file are textures from different games ( Halflife 2, Max Payne 2, Stalker) and adapt for CoD 4 with normal and spectual mapping.
The Skins are adapt for CoD 4 from *bM.xiao~.
The song in the Hall is from Richard Cheese `Down with this Sickness`.
Teams are SAS v. Spetznas, so please update your ModWarfare with the last teams.gsc!
With AWE and ACE there are no problems.


Mapname: POW
Usename: mp_pow_rld (_n)
Size: Large
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_pow_rld(Day)
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_pow_rld_n(Night)
Info: A classic Call of Duty map has been remade by community member OLD MAN WITH GUN. Map layout based upon mp_powcamp from CoD made by Infinity Ward. Setting switched to modern CoD4 style. In Night and Day version.


Mapname: Shipment 2
Usename: mp_shipment2
Size: Small (4+ players)
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_shipment2.zip
Info: Expansion of shipment


Mapname: Shipment 3
Usename: mp_shipment3
Size: Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_shipment3.zip
Info: New shipment


Mapname: Siege
Usename: mp_siege
Size: Medium/Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_siege.zip
Info: Original from COD2


Mapname: Struggle Dawn
Usename: mp_struggle_dawn
Size: Medium/Large
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_struggle_dawn.zip
Info: ..


Mapname: Toujane
Usename: mp_toujane_beta
Size: Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_toujane_beta.zip
Info: Original from COD2


Mapname: Vovel
Usename: mp_vovel
Size: Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_vovel.zip
Info: Remake of cod2 map Vovel2.
Map is a medium size map with lots of places to hide.


Mapname: Warehouse
Usename: mp_warehouse
Size: Small
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_warehouse.zip
Info: Fun


Mapname: Brecourt
Usename: mp_winters_brecourt
Size: Large/Medium
Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/mp_winters_brecourt.zip
Info: Original from CODUO


Download: http://www.dutchiesoutbreak.nl/cod4map/usermaps/
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